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About Scene

Hey! haven’t we all been in this phase of asking our friends, colleagues, and people around us, the very first question-
And trying to find more engaging, productive, fun stuff to do in the city?

Duh! Of course!
We are here to provide the simplest answer to this question!
SCENE is a one-stop solution: A hassle-free booking website where you can book-

– Activities from different genres like Surfing, Scuba, Salsa, shooting, and all sort of art workshops will be arranged in Different cafes/ Restobars /artist studios based on each activity.
– Workshops and classes like pottery, horse riding, etc.
– Live events like stand-up gigs, poetry, and theatre happening in Chennai.

How SCENE was born?

For the longest time, classmates, friends, and pals from their college times together

— We talked about how it’s challenging to date and even to simply hang out in a city where the only options are cafes, movies and beaches. Even though there were possibilities, finding the correct information, deals, and making a reservation in one spot was impossible and completely chaotic. So, with each of us having a special contribution to make, we both chose to figure it out on our own.
Madhavi with her business background and experience in hosting events and workshops from her previous venture and the other with his decade long experience in Corporate marketing and brand building brings up this unique and engaging platform to help all those confused people who are unable to decide what they want to do when they’re hanging out.

Hoping to make the city’s Scene more engaging, experiential and kickass.
And let’s not take your friendships to a stage worth listening of “BAAKI SAB THEEK? BASS CHAL RAHA HAI–“

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